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Friday, January 07, 2005

Sowing the seeds of peace

Sowing the Seeds of Peace - Amidst the Tsunami Tragedy - Carol Norris
For those who want peace in our world, disrupting this cycle (of violence - ed) is more important than a protest or a rally ever could be, as vital as they are and will continue to be. Right now, as events unfold in the post-tsunami world when lives and hearts and psyches are raw is when seeds, positive or negative, start to take root. And so we find ourselves in a critical window of time when our actions are most important and will have the greatest long-term effect.

We in the peace movement must be willing to put our energies into pro-active actions, not only reactive ones. In addition to our planned actions for next week or next month, we must let ourselves fathom cause and effect in concrete, as-it-is-happening terms and take preventative, consequential action.


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